Meet the Photographer

Herb Way, photographerI fell in love with photography in high school and have been involved in it for more than forty years.  For me, it’s both a vocation and avocation.  I hold a bachelors degree in art, have done work towards a masters in communications, and continue to upgrade my knowledge and skills through seminars and workshops, some with the top photographic talents of our time.  I’ve been a military photojournalist, an in-house corporate photographer, and a freelancer serving corporate and editorial clients.  After taking a hiatus to spend four and a half years as a middle school social studies teacher, I returned to photography as a profession in 2005.

I miss the experience of shooting film, developing it by hand in a darkroom, and watching images appear in trays of chemicals, but I’ve embraced the new digital technology and now enjoy using my knowledge of traditional techniques to enhance my digital work.  The nearly limitless potential for combining technology with art makes digital photography exciting and this excitement becomes a major component of my approach to serving clients.

Whether you’re seeking a photographer for a portrait, wedding, or other event, I can provide you with the finest quality and service.  I also offer fine art photographic prints for wall decor.